Carnevale Construction Company is a RCM Modulaire recognized modular builder. We have completed over 300 custom modular homes in that time. We are licensed in the State of Maine to build modular homes and our territory includes Central New Hampshire and the Seacoast of New Hampshire. Prior to becoming a modular dealer Stephen Carnevale the founder and owner was in the Kitchen Design business for 9 years and was involved with over 500 custom stick built homes. Now, with over 30 years experience, Carnevale Construction Co, Inc. can handle just about any potential clients’ needs.

Carnevale incorporated another company called PCG Home Design’s TM., which stands for Personalized Computer Generated Home Designs. PCG Home Design’s TM will custom design any home the client desires for a retainer of $500.00 which is for a minimum of 5 hours of personalized design time using the professional design software Chief Architect.. We will complete your designs with you present so you can actually view the development of your home as it takes shape. We will not do it with out you. You will be billed at an hourly rate of $100.00 for design time over the original 5 hours. You and PCG Home Design’s TM will take ownership of all plans. The plans are guaranteed to be modular compatible. All monies received by us will be credited to the purchase price of the home.

For Carnevale Construction Co, Inc. to accurately price your project, we will need three things. #1 A house design that we can price a modular home from. #2 Specifications of the actual materials that will be used to build your home and #3 Septic Design and or a plot plan so we can price the actual site work needed to be completed. Carnevale Construction Co, Inc. and the general contractors we associate with in your area will put together a complete package including excavation, septic, well, foundation, cost of modular home, finished carpentry, electrical/plumbing and required heating system based on a professional heat loss. All other items such as garage, porches, decks, sunroom and any other site built structures will need to be priced by the carpenter based on your individual specifications.

It takes time to do it right but the investment you make in doing it right will give you the opportunity to shop intelligently. When you shop you will have all the facts to give to the builders you are talking to. There will be no guesswork and no surprises as the project develops. RCM Modulaire builds the best modular product on the market today and we are honored to have the opportunity to sell their homes to our customers. With our overall knowledge in the complete building process, including the financing possibilities, we know that a relationship with Carnevale Construction Co, Inc. and all associated parties has great value. Call us so we may bid your home. Cell phone number is 603-493-0272.